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The Youngest Person To Circumnavigate By Air. Solo. Ever. Officially

Mason Andrews became the youngest ever person to Circumnavigate by Air, Solo after his journey last year. MAK Aviation Services supported Mason in the Russian part of the trip. We talked to him after Guinness World Records officially recognized Mason’s record. 

Mason Andrews:

«Most memorable experience in Russia was during my flight from Magadan, Russia to Nome, USA when I was near Anadyr. It was late at night and the visibility was unlimited. I could see the lights of Russian Coastal towns as well as the lights of the American coast. The moon was full, and the Aurora Borealis was very bright. I also saw the brightest shooting star I’ve ever seen, which lit the entire sky white for almost ten seconds. This was a beautiful display of both the beauty of Russia and the slim divide between Russia and my home country, only separated by a few dozen miles of sea.

Every Russian Air Traffic Controller with whom I had communications not only spoke very clear English, but they were extremely courteous and highly skilled. During my time over Russia, I primarily spoke with Magadan Control, and I was always under the impression that they were looking out for my safety and the safety of other pilots. In many of the nations that I overflew, the air traffic controllers were incompetent and even sometimes put me in danger, but the controllers in Magadan were just as professional as their neighbors in Anchorage Center.

I would tell any young Russian pilot that if they intend to circumnavigate by air, it’s very possible, but it requires tremendous planning. I would suggest that they get started learning and planning as soon as possible, and to take their time during the trip. There is no need to rush things, and rushing such difficult flights can put you in danger.»

Mason raised over 35,000 USD for MedCamps of Louisiana during his trip. MAK Aviation Services congratulates Mason and his family!

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The Youngest Person To Circumnavigate By Air. Solo. Ever. Officially: Project
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