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Silver Spitfire In Russia

Long awaited Silver Spitfire has arrived in Russia on the round-the-world “The Longest Flight”.

The aircraft was built in 1943, a two-year rebuild project was undertaken for the current longest flight in her life. Supermirine Spitfire is the British military aircraft built in many configurations. It was used by the Royal Air Force and by other countries military before, during and after WW2. The Silver Spitfire, which is now on her way around the globe, used to have MJ271 callsign, currently G-IRTY. During WW2 this particular aircraft has made 51 mission flights, it used to be commanded by pilots from UK, Australia, Norway, Canada and Trinidad.

While in preparation for the round-the-world adventure the Spitfire was completely disarmed and covered by polished aluminium, becoming truly silver colored.

The Silver Spitfire currently rests in Magadan UHMM, leaving behind Anadyr UHMA and Evensk UHMW. Still ahead Okhotsk UHOO, Nikolaevsk-on-Amur UHNN and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk UHSS - a usual fuel stop before leaving Russia and heading south to Japan.

The UK crew of Matt Jones, Steve Boultbee Brooks, Ian Smith and Gery Jones is assisted on the russian segment of the journey by Vadim Drozdov, private pilot and AOPA-Russia member.

We are proud and happy to be appointed as flight support team in Russia, and seeing the smooth flight across Russian vast territory makes us proud even more.

You may check for the latest news of the “The Longest Flight”, see aircraft live position and find out which engine was installed during rebuild, why propeller is made of wood and how the Silver Spitfire was prepared for this amazing journey.

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