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Round the World by Gyrocopters

Two round the world gyrocopter travelers James Ketchell and Norman Surplus crossed Russia and continue their journey to the USA. 

They flew 5500 nautical miles and had 21 landings, only 7 of them were in international airports. It took the crew 1 month and 1 week to complete this record-breaking cross country journey. 

James and his G-KTCH arrived to Moscow on May 1st, Norman came a week later by his famous G-YROX. This month our whole team lived with James and Norman almost 24/7. It was a big collective work with AOPA Russia and “Angel” private pilots SAR Helicopter squad to monitor and assist our brave gyronauts day and night.

We are greatly pleased and delighted to read these words of Eddie Gold the Co-Founder and General Manager of General Aviation Support Egypt - G.A.S.E.: “They are now in US airspace...their Russian adventure is I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for the way you have looked after the pilots and their aircraft...this was a unique enterprise and a record breaking expedition. But behind it all were the Russian people who made the journey so fantastic and friendly. You have done a great job and I think the pilots will be grateful they had you there to make this dream come true.”

Good luck James and Norman, you’re really great travelers and pilots!

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