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SkyDemon adds Russia

European pilots that prefer to use SkyDemon application for flights in Europe now can add Russia to the list of supported charts.

SkyDemon has announced yesterday they have implemented Russia Western (experimental) chart that covers east of Europe to Ural Mountains. Coverage further east is also added although very basic so far. We hope SkyDemon team will gradually add more eastern territories to provide critical planning and navigation information from Europe to USA across Russia.

The beautifully crafted chart shows all airspace elements (excluding domestic routes that are not open for foreign aircraft in Russia), airports, smaller private airfields, CTRs, frequencies, FIR boundaries etc.

The underlying scenery map is still very basic, and it is supposed a higher resolution map will be added later on. The weather information includes TAF, METAR for major international airports, winds aloft, rain up to 50°E (not enough) and new flyable conditions layer up to 40°E.

There is still ongoing fight with extreme amount of NOTAMs published by Russia, but the SkyDemon team is confident they will cope with the flood of often useless set of characters published nonstop.

Information is supplied by official air navigation providers and AOPA-Russia (for airports and airfields that are not published in AIP).

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