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Airspace Closed, Severe Prohibitions Declared

As the situation in Ukraine escalates, EU and some other countries have imposed severe prohibitions for Russian aircraft to EU, UK, Switzerland, Canada and few Caribbean territories. Russia, in its turn, has announced reciprocal prohibitions in response.

A full list of airspace prohibitions caused by Ukraine Crisis for Russian aircraft in the world and foreign aircraft in Russia is provided on our Crisis Page.

The list is updated regularly, following any changes and official publications from respective aviation authorities in Russia and in the world.

We are expecting clarifications from Russian Federal Air Transport Agency on special permissions for private non-commercial flights.


If you are planning a flight to Russia, consult our Fuel page with massive list of 335 airports serving Jet A-1 and 280 airports with Avgas 100LL. Network of airports of entry serving Avgas is growing both on European side and on Pacific Coast, we will be announcing new locations soon.

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