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Image by Ivo Lukacovic

Frequently Asked Questions


Can a private pilot fly VFR to Russia?

Affirm, anyone with a valid license can fly VFR to, inside and above Russia

Does this require a specific visa type?

Negative, a regular tourist visa is just fine

Am I required to speak Russian?

Negative, English will do

Where and how do I get Avgas 100LL or mogas?

Ask us to arrange your fuel uplift where you need it

May I fly to uncontrolled airfields?

Affirm, you may fly to literally any airfield according to your technical limitations

Am I left on my own or you assist me?

We are supporting you 24/7/365 when your flight is in progress

What if I am delayed by weather or other reasons?

You may amend your schedule as you wish, safety is a paramount

Can I pay by credit card?

Affirm, credit/debit cards are widely accepted across Russia and you are welcome to use them. No need to carry piles of cash

Is there anything to worry about?

Negative, we’ll help you with planning, routes, permits, fuel and flight plans

Where to start?

Still can’t find what you are looking for?

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