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Bazflyers In Russia

Bazflyers conquer the planet on a small plane.

Barry and Sandra Payne take a world tour on their Piper Comanche. Their route passes through our country twice. The Paynes have already flown to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and are planning to return to Russia in late August.

Barry is 72, his flying career started in 1963 when he joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He is an experienced commercial pilot on helicopters and airplanes, he is a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer and a life member of the ‘International Society of Air Safety Investigators’.

Sandra is 68 and she is a private pilot since her 60th birthday. Sandra says they didn’t have time and opportunity to do the round the world journey when they were younger. So the best time is now!

The crew of the Piper Comanche ZK-BAZ (they are respectfully called Bazflyers) participates in the world-famous aviation festival in Oshkosh. It will be the 50th airshow, and this year marks 50 years as Paynes are together.

We are really looking forward to see Bazflyers team in Russia again!

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